What happens when you are no longer there to care for your pet?

Nobody likes to think about dying, but it’s important to consider what will then happen to your pet. Maybe a family member or a friend might be willing to take your dog in, for example? If not, perhaps our “cat & canine care” arrangement might be a good option.e.

Within the framework of this arrangement, the DOA will assume responsibility for your pet when you die. It will give you the peace of mind that your companion will be in good hands, which in itself is very reassuring. It’s easy to register, simply complete the form and return it to us. Incidentally, you will not be under any obligations. We just think it's important that every animal is cared for.

For questions or more information, please contact Alexander Bulthuis via a.bulthuis@doamsterdam.nl or +31 (0)6 579 97 471 (during office hours).