Our wish list

In addition to money, we are always very grateful to receive donations in kind. So if you can miss any of the items or foodstuffs listed in our wish list, we’ll be very pleased to take them off your hands. Any donations you can make will help us reduce the cost of caring for our animals, thus leaving more money over for things like behavioural training, for example.

What do we need?

We are very partial to any item that falls under the heading new, or as good as new. Please note, however, that it’s really important that all donated items are clean and undamaged. This is because we have to pay good money for the disposal of broken or soiled items, and that’s money we’d much rather spend on our animals. Moreover, things are used very intensively here and if something is already nearly broken it won’t last long.

Toys and stuff

  1. Towels
  2. Blankets
  3. “Intelligent” toys for dogs, cats and rabbits
  4. Egg boxes
  5. Tunnels, steps, hutches and the like for rabbits
  6. Teasers and other toys for cats
  7. Cat baskets
  8. Leather footballs for dogs
  9. Floss ropes and other toys for dogs (not squeaky toys)
  10. Large and medium-sized plastic baskets for dogs
  11. Large and medium-sized benches
  12. Leashes (no flexi-leashes)
  13. Collars (no click collars)
  14. Kongs, activity balls, etc. for dogs
  15. Harnesses, anti-pull harnesses and Gentle leaders
  16. Muzzles

Feed & snacks

  1. All brands of canned food for dogs and cats (no already opened tins please)
  2. All brands of kibble for dogs and cats (already opened bags are fine)
  3. Gourmet mousse salmon for sick cats and for socialising
  4. Dog candy and bones
  5. Fresh meat for dogs
  6. Willow twigs for rabbits
  7. Herbs for rabbits (mint, parsley)
  8. Selective kibble for rabbits

Medical requisites*

  1. Veterinary diet food from Royal Canin or Hills, provided it has not passed its use-before date. Bags of kibble may not have been open for more than two months. Only sealed tins or packets of wet food please.
  2. Flea treatments by brands available from the vet, such as Stronghold, Comfortis and Advantage (no Frontline!).
  3. Medication that has not passed its use-before date. No already-opened drinks please.
  4. Painkillers Novacam/Metacam.
  5. Self-adhesive elastic bandage and cotton wool for medical use.


*What our vet does not use:

  • Homeopathic remedies and oral suspensions made by other vets
  • Food supplements

** Unfortunately it is very expensive to empty our medical container. Please donate only medication that doesn't been openend or passed it  use-before date.

Items for behavioural training

  1. Unused DAP collars for dogs
  2. Feliway spray and evaporation fluid/plugs
  3. Zylkène, cystease and other dietary supplements used in the context of behavioural therapy
  4. Clomicalm tablets for cats and dogs

At the risk of beggars being choosers, we’d like to stress that we only want to receive items that are included in our wish list. Otherwise it can take us a lot of time to process, or perhaps even dispose, of them. As you’ll no doubt appreciate, this is a waste of our precious time and the cost of their disposal (particularly chemical waste) can be expensive.

Delivering your donations

If you wish to donate items, you can bring them to us during opening hours. Or, better still, you could combine your visit with the free tour  that we offer twice a month! You can then leave the items in our donations centre.

If you are unable to bring the items personally, you can post them to us at: Dierenopvang Amsterdam, Ookmeerweg 271, 1067 SP Amsterdam. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to come and fetch items that you wish to donate.

Many thanks in advance! 🎁💖