The speed-date and bonding

Really? You’re looking for a companion to keep your rabbit company? Well, bring your own bunny along to DOA and let us find him (or her) a suitable buddy! How does it all work? Rabbits like to be given the time to get to know a new partner before they start living together, and this is a process we call “bonding”. At DOA we have lots of experience in the area of bonding, and it all kicks off with a speed-date.

The speed-date

When you bring your rabbit to us for a speed-date the first thing we’ll check out is his or her character, to see whether any of our current rabbits might be a good match. This is done by putting our rabbits, one by one, in a neutral run with your rabbit and then watching how they react to one another. Having found the best match, the bonding process can begin. Incidentally, while we’re looking for a suitable buddy for your rabbit, potential candidates don’t necessarily have to be the same breed, or even the same size. Success depends on the respective characters of both rabbits.

The bonding process

The two might-be friends are then placed next to each other in two pens, separated by just a gauze screen. They’ll only be able to see and smell each other, but this gives them the opportunity to gradually acclimatise. They’ll be put together for a while like this every day and we’ll watch closely how they react to one another. We’ll also alternate them in their pens every day, to enable them to become familiar with each other’s smell. On average, bonding takes about a week. If it’s successful, the next step is adoption, after which the loving couple can go home with you.

Bonding at home

If you have the necessary experience, bonding can also be done at home. After adopting the rabbit that topped the ranking in the speed date, the bonding process can start at home. However, to be able to do this properly means you’ll have to know a thing or two about rabbits. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you leave the bonding to us, or at least let our behavioural expert advise you (link). This will maximise the chances of a successful bonding.

More information about behavioural advice for rabbits

Important to know

Before bonding, your rabbit must be fully vaccinated (Myxomatosis, RHD and RHD2) and the vaccinations must be up to date. A buck rabbit must be neutered; otherwise he’ll keep trying to mount a doe and that will invariably end in conflict. It’s also better (but not mandatory) for does to be sterilised because it makes them less territorial. If your rabbit hasn’t been vaccinated, neutered or sterilised, our vet can do it for you. To arrange this, or if you have any other questions, please get in touch.

So if your bunny is ready to date, do him or her a big favour by making an appointment.

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Bonding vacation normally takes up to a week. 

Bonding, per day € 2,50
Vaccination € 35,00