Grooming your rabbit yourself

Two handy tips from our rabbit groomer!

Tip 1

t’s best to groom your rabbit with a boar-bristle brush, which will remove only loose hairs, not the healthy ones, and it’s gentle on the skin too. It will help to make grooming more fun for your rabbit! Boar-bristle brushes are available in Just Rabbits.

Did you know… that you can also go to Just Rabbits for behavioural advice for your rabbit? 

To the behavioural advice for rabbits

Tip 2

If your rabbit has a soiled botty it’s best to make an appointment at the salon as soon as possible. This is because it might not only quickly lead to myiasis (maggots), it can also result in tearing or closing of the anus, with all the misery that that could entail for your bunny!