Rabbit hotel

Oops, you have a problem: you need to go away for a while but you cannot take your rabbits with you. What can you do? What’s the solution? Perhaps you could ask your neighbours to drop by and take care of them? Or ask your family to look after them? Every solution has its pros and cons, but if you’re looking for the reliable, hassle-free option, DOA is the answer.

No worries

A win-win situation: you’ll enjoy the freedom to go wherever you want, while your beloved bunnies get to chill out in our rabbit guesthouse. As our guests they’ll want for nothing and be looked after by people who are crazy about rabbits. What’s more, our vet will be on hand every day, should it prove necessary. During their stay, your rabbits will also be very welcome at our grooming salon, Just Rabbits, so they’ll be at the top of their game when you pick them up again afterwards.

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Chow time

Your rabbits will be given unlimited hay, Selective premium rabbit food, twice a day, and they’ll be able to snack on fresh vegetables. If your rabbits are used to having to work for their food, they’ll be able to do feed puzzles, and if there are restrictions in their diet you can let us know when you make the reservation.



King of the castle

Every rabbit is given its own space, unless, of course, you bring two rabbits that are used to being together. Tell us in advance whether they are indoor or outdoor rabbits, so we can prepare the right type of accommodation for them. And, naturally, all our guests are given access to a run, so they can jump around to their heart’s content!

Moreover, in all rabbit accommodation a hiding place is always provided, along with water and hay. Play objects are also available.

Extra care

If your rabbit needs extra care, in the form of medication for example, please let us know beforehand so that we can discuss the possibilities.

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Important to know before you come

Rabbits must be properly vaccinated if they are to be our guests. The following vaccinations are mandatory:

  1. Myxomatosis and RHD; this vaccination must have been administered at least three weeks before the first day of your rabbit’s stay with us, and no longer than a year before.
  2. RHD-2; this vaccination must have been administered at least a week before the first day of your rabbit’s stay with us, and no longer than six months before.

And please don’t forget to bring your rabbit’s vaccination certificate or pet passport. Otherwise, we won’t be able to welcome your pet! If the validity of a vaccination should elapse during your rabbit’s stay with us, we can, of course, give him or her a repeat vaccination.

If your rabbit hasn’t been properly vaccinated, or you are unable to provide proof of vaccination, we can only accept the animal if we have room in our quarantine department. A quarantine fee will then apply.

* We have a high preference when male rabbits a neutered.

How much does the rabbit hotel cost?

It couldn’t be easier to make a reservation online. But do bear in mind that the holiday weeks are always very busy, so you’d be wise not to leave it too long before making a reservation for the days that you want your rabbit or rabbits to stay with us. 

These fees apply per rabbit.

 Please, take a look at out pet hotel conditions
Rabbit €7,50
Quarantine €15
Peak season supplement* €2
Vaccination €55
Medication supplement € 2
Grooming salon 15% discount
Feed enrichment Free

*Peak season in 2021: