Just Rabbits, grooming salon for rabbits

It goes without saying that you’ll want your rabbit to have a healthy coat. At Just Rabbits, where the welfare of your rabbit is always the number one consideration, we focus on keeping your bunny's coat in life-long, prime condition. Rest assured that your rabbit will be given the loving attention it deserves here, and will not be subjected to undue stress in the process.

Is my hair OK?

A rabbit’s coat protects its skin against the sun, rain, cold, as well as sharp twigs and thorns in undergrowth. But, of course, it must be in good condition.

Generally speaking, rabbits have four types of fur: short-haired, rex, teddy and angora. Additionally, there are also many types of mixed fur. Long-haired and mixed fur types, in particular, call for good maintenance if problems such as (painful) matting and knotting or coat disorders, such as bald patches and persistent shedding, are to be avoided.

When should you bring your rabbit to the salon?

If your rabbit has any kind of problem with its coat it’s always a good idea to visit the grooming salon. Perhaps the little chap reacts strongly to being groomed or has a tendency to have a soiled botty? Either way, a professional trim will help. But, of course, rabbits that don’t have any problems will be just as welcome. Nail clipping is included in the price, and on your first visit you’ll be given bespoke rabbit care advice, free-of-charge!

We recommend that you make sure your rabbit’s coat is continuously well cared for, which means planning a follow-up visit within 10 weeks of your bunny’s first trim. He’ll thank you for it.

Just Rabbits is the grooming salon of Ilse Beumer, certified rabbit groomer and rabbit behavior adviser.

Grooming your rabbit yourself

If you prefer to take care of the upkeep of your rabbit's coat yourself, Just Rabbits can also help with bespoke grooming advice. You can also participate in a two-hour workshop to learn how to brush and trim your rabbit properly. Participation in the workshop is on request, but a precondition is that your rabbit doesn’t have a pre-existing coat problem.

Discount for guests of the DOA rabbit hotel

If you book an appointment during your rabbit’s stay at our rabbit hotel, you’ll be eligible for 15% discount.

Opening times


Just Rabbits is open from 9 am to 5 pm, the days change weekly. Contact Just Rabbits by telephone or send an email to info@justrabbits.nl.

On even weeks Tues-Wed-Fri
On odd weeks Tues-Fri-Sat
Telefoon nr.: +31 (0)6 44 42 60 46


 First time grooming (for rabbits without fur problems) is € 35.00.

 Please read the Terms and condition for the grooming salon
Trimming knotted fur € 45
Trimming matted fur € 55
Trimming completely matted fur € 65
Trimming a rabbit with a soiled botty € 50
Maintenance trim* € 25
Coat-care advice € 15
Coat-care workshop (on request) € 60
First trim for a rabbit without coat problems € 35
Nail clipping € 5

*This special low rate only applies if you make an appointment at Just Rabbits within 10 weeks of the previous grooming session.


Is grooming at home also possible?

In principle, grooming is done at the grooming salon. However, home grooming is an option if a rabbit owner is not able to come to the salon (due to disability, for example), or if bringing the rabbit might cause the animal undue stress. Travel and parking costs will be charged on top of the normal fee.

Does my rabbit have to be vaccinated before a visit to the salon?

While it is not compulsory for your rabbit to be vaccinated before a visit to the salon, Just Rabbits does recommend it. 

Where can I find more information about behavioural advice for rabbits?

On the behavioural advice page (link) you can read how Just Rabbits can help if your rabbit’s behaviour is problematical.

Read more about behavioural advice for rabbits