Behavioural advice for rabbits

You’re very fond of your rabbit, but sometimes that bouncing ball of fluff’s behaviour can be very trying. Or perhaps you’re looking for a companion for your rabbit and you’re wondering how bonding, or pairing, works. If any of these situations apply, or even if you’re only at the stage where you’re just thinking of buying a rabbit, you can get in touch with Just Rabbits. I can advise you and tell you what’s necessary for a happy bunny.

Behavioural advice for rabbits

OK, so we’ve established that you like rabbits. But do you know anything about them? Do you want to know what to look for when buying a rabbit? Are you looking for a rehomed animal or a baby rabbit from a pet shop? You can ask me these, and other questions like them, during a telephone consultation. Having heard the answers, you will then be well prepared for your new pet.

The behavioural advisor

Hi, I’m Ilse Beumer and I’m the behavioural advisor behind Just Rabbits. I trained as a behavioural advisor at the Tinley Academy (link) and I can fall back on many years’ experience in the rabbit shelter. Sometimes advice given during a telephone consultation can go a long way. And should that not be enough, I can also visit you at home.

I am also a licensed rabbit groomer.

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The problem is often easier to remedy

Rabbits are so sweet, cute and cuddly, but occasionally their behaviour can drive you to despair. There will be times, for example, when the furry little fella just doesn’t want to be picked up, or develops a seemingly insatiable appetite to chew your cables, or just refuses to stay house-trained. If your rabbit’s behaviour has you at your wits’ end my advice is to ask the expert! The problem is often easier to remedy than you think. And I can give you practical advice that you can implement immediately.


Because rabbits are group animals and don’t like living alone, you’d be well advised to look for a companion for your bunny. But that doesn’t mean just any old rabbit. Putting rabbits that haven’t been “properly introduced” together can often lead to grief. If you’d like to receive bespoke advice about how to bond your rabbit with a newcomer, a telephone consultation is an excellent idea.

You can also contact me if you’ve already started the bonding process but it’s not going too well, or if you’re having doubts as to whether you’re doing it properly. Sometimes a telephone consultation is all that it takes, while other times a personal consultation will be necessary. It varies per situation.


In collaboration with Konijnen Adviesbureau NH (Rabbit Advice Bureau NH), Just Rabbits regularly offers seminars and workshops, which are listed below.

Workshop: basic knowledge of rabbits
If you want your rabbits to grow healthily to a ripe old age, this workshop should definitely not be missed. In it you will learn what to look out for when buying a rabbit and the various breeds of rabbits that you can choose from.

An important part of this workshop is nutrition. After all... a healthy life starts with a healthy diet!

Workshop: rabbit behaviour
Rabbits cannot say what they want or how they feel, but they can communicate it with their behaviour. This workshop will show you how to meet the needs of your rabbit by “reading” him.

Workshop: basic anatomy, physiology and pathology
How can I tell if my rabbit is sick? What are the most common illness symptoms? In this workshop we’ll discuss, among other things, teeth problems, inflammation and abscesses and possible treatment that can be given by a vet.

Workshop: first aid for rabbits
In this workshop you’ll learn how to administer first aid, should it be necessary. In the event of injury or the sudden illness of your rabbit, a schematic will show you the most sensible way or responding. We’ll also practice how to apply a bandage and how to force-feed your rabbit.


More information about workshops


  • Telephone consultation: €15 per 30 minutes
  • Home visit: €35 per 60 minutes
  • Travel costs: €0.25 cent/km from postcode 1067 SP

Parking charges will, if applicable, also be passed on.

Do you want to make an appointment? Contact me by phone on +31 (0)6 44 42 60 46 or send an email to