Pet hotel Amsterdam

Our pet hotel is the ideal place for your dog, cat or rabbit to stay

We’re guessing that you’ll do anything for your pet, which is why only the best is good enough when it comes to somewhere to stay. Supposing you live somewhere in Noord Holland, like Amsterdam or Haarlem, for example, and you are going on holiday or on a business trip but you cannot take your pet with you. Or worse, perhaps you are about to be hospitalised for a while. What to do with your faithful companion? And can you be sure that your pet will be in good hands? 

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Fully booked!

Our dog hotel is fully booked throughout the autumn holidays and the Christmas school holidays. There are still possibilities to make reservations in the cat or rabbit hotel.

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The perfect solution for you both

Because it’s important to you that your pet wants for nothing and gets all the attention and care he needs, you want the best and most reliable accommodation solution, right? Right, our pet hotel, where we combine loving care with abundant experience.

Safe and reliable

We have provided shelter for pets for over 100 years. In every respect, your furry friends are well placed with us. Without exception, all our carers are animal lovers that feed, stroke and comfort every animal that’s entrusted to their care. Moreover, we also have a registered vet who is on call to help our guests, seven days a week.

What’s for dinner?

All our animals are fed twice a day. In principle, they tuck into Hill's premium pet food brand. Rabbits, meanwhile, are fed the Selective brand. Of course, if your prince or princess wants something else, or if they have a special diet, that can also be arranged. In such a case, please provide enough feed for the duration of your pet’s stay.


Really speaking, your furry friend won’t need anything if he stays with us. We have all the necessary blankets, baskets and the like. The apple of your eye can even choose his own toy.

Arrange in advance

Make sure your pet has the appropriate vaccinations before his stay. This is important for his health and that of our other guests. Bring a valid vaccination certificate/animal passport with you. Regretfully, without vaccination certification your pet will not be able to stay with us. Dogs and cats must also have identification microchips. If your pet doesn’t yet have a microchip, we can take care of this on site.

Should your pet need medication during his stay, it’s best to discuss this with us in advance.

Make a reservation

Do you want to make a reservation? You can do so online. During school holidays we’re always very busy, so if you want to be sure of a place during these weeks make a reservation as soon as possible.

Please, take a look at the conditions for our pet hotel.
Dog big € 20
Hond medium / small € 17
Cat € 11
Rabbit € 4
Surcharge high season * € 2
Surcharge for solitary care  € 2

*n 2018 the high season is: 21 December 2018 up to 8 January 2019