Is a dog, cat or rabbit worth less if it’s not 100 per cent perfect? At DOA we don’t think so; we know that animals with imperfections also make great housemates and deserve a second chance. Which is exactly why we have created the “Misfits” programme.

What are Misfits?

At DOA we strive to quickly find a loving home for every dog, cat and rabbit in our care. Fortunately, we are usually successful in this respect, with many of our lodgers leaving us for new homes after just a few weeks. Sadly, our “misfits” - rescue dogs, cats and rabbits - are the less fortunate exception to this rule. These are animals that are ill, injured, or with behavioural problems that mean they need extra attention. And, paradoxically, these are the very animals that would benefit most from being given a second chance in a loving home and the attention they need.

Unfortunately, these misfits often have to wait much longer for a nice new home. A rescue dog, cat or rabbit needs additional care and attention but, unfortunately, few people have the time, money or opportunity to provide them. It’s for these reasons that this programme actively looks for bespoke solutions, so that every one of our misfits gets the best-possible chance of a worthwhile life, and as quickly as possible!

Support the misfits

Curious how we do this?

By making a regular monthly contribution, you, as an adopter, will be structurally supporting us in the rehabilitation and care of our misfits. Please help us to give animals like Riskie, Toontje and Joep another chance. As an adopter you’ll receive our newsletter every three months, containing updates about our misfits. And, of course, you can always make an appointment to come and take a look at the misfits currently staying at DOA!


Hulp op maat

Onze ondersteuning is altijd op maat. Woon je bijvoorbeeld ver weg, dan is het waarschijnlijk niet haalbaar om gebruik te maken van onze dierenarts. In dat geval verzinnen we samen een oplossing die wel bij jouw omstandigheden past. Als je al best wat weet over diergedrag, dan kan onze gedragsbegeleiding misschien wat minder intensief. En als je onze hulp helemaal niet (meer) nodig hebt, dan is natuurlijk ook helemaal goed!

Bekijk de succesverhalen

Gelukkig zijn er al een heleboel Buitenbeentjes geadopteerd! Lees hier hoe goed onze Buitenbeentjes terecht zijn gekomen.

Naar de succesverhalen