A peek behind the scenes

Does DOA have other animals besides cats and dogs? Did you know we also have our own dog crèche and even our own groomer? What is hydrotherapy? How many kilos of dog food do we get through a week? Really, the DOA has its own vet? Have you ever wondered what goes on behind those imposing green walls of ours? What kind of picture do you have of an animal shelter? And do you really think that we put to sleep those animals that are difficult to rehome? Sounds like it’s high time you took our tour.

Prepare to be surprised


  • 5th of January 2019
  • 19th of January 2019
  • 2nd of February 2019
  • 16th of February 2019
  • 2nd of March 2019
  • 16th of March 2019


The tour starts at 11 am and takes about an hour. The tour is free-of-charge and it takes about an hour. Children are also welcome, provided they are accompanied by an adult. Experience has taught us, however, that young children tend to find it difficult to keep quiet and just listen for an hour, so please bear that in mind.

We’ll send you confirmation so that you know we’ll be expecting you. And if, for whatever reason, you cannot make it, we’d really appreciate it if you could let us know in good time. This is because the number of participants per tour is limited and if you cannot make it someone else can take your place.

You can register by sending an email to:

Please add the following details to your registration:

- Full name

- Date

- How many persons

- Number of children

- Preferred language

Enthusiastic about DOA?

Naturally, we hope that our tour will help make you as enthusiastic about DOA as we are. Who knows, perhaps it’ll even inspire you to want to join us in one way or another?

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