Tips for a happy dog

You are very fond of your dog and you’ll probably do everything it takes to make sure he’s at the top of his game. But what exactly do you need to do to ensure that your dog is a contented dog?

1. Exercise

EA busy dog is a happy dog, especially when his master joins in too! Most dog breeds thrive on exercise, so why don’t you try to find out which forms of exercise he likes the most? Swimming perhaps? Or just walking, or playing, running alongside while you are cycling, or perhaps a day at the beach? But whatever it is that ticks his box, make sure to keep him moving.

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2. Attention

For some dogs, physical exertion is not enough because they also need to be challenged in other ways. So find out what it is that’ll make your dog sit up and pay attention: biscuits, toys, or kibbles perhaps? Is he in his element playing catch, or is there nothing he loves more than playing tug-o-war with a rope? Maybe he’ll excel in some form of sniffer dog or agility training? Alternatively, if it’s a budding canine genius you have at home, consider games in which he has to think. For more information check out or register immediately for one of our workshops doe- en denkworkshops.

3. Respect

As strange as this might sound, your dog also deserves some respect, which means taking his needs into account. For example, make sure he can retreat to a quiet place of his own if he wants to. And allow him some peace and quiet while he is eating or drinking. Make it abundantly clear to everyone in the household which toys are his. A dog that doesn’t have to defend his space and possessions will be a much happier dog.

4. Food

Invest in good quality dog food. We’ll be more than happy to help you choose the correct diet. Depending on how big and how old the animal is, we can jointly ascertain what your dog will need. And don’t give him too many snacks between meals, however tempting it may be to do so. Once a dog becomes overweight it’s difficult for him to shed those excess pounds, and every surplus pound will put more strain on his muscles and joints. Never let your dog eat from your plate. Our spiced and seasoned fare is unsuitable for a dog’s digestive system and starch-rich foodstuffs like pasta, for example, can give dogs mouth or tooth problems. Always make sure your dog has access to clean drinking water. Drinking from the toilet bowl might look amusing, but it’s certainly not healthy for him!

5. Health and welfare

If necessary, brush your dog’s coat and make sure it’s always free of fleas, dirt and knots. And don’t forget his ears and the long tufts of hair near his legs. Make sure your dog has received the appropriate vaccinations and have him checked by a [our?] vet at least twice a year. If you find it difficult to keep your dog’s coat in good condition, just drop by and treat him to a session with one of our groomers.Finally, if your dog is recovering from an operation, or if he’s not as light on his feet as he once was, pop in and have him checked out by our fysiotherapeute.

6. Upbringing

In some respects, dogs are much like children, in that they benefit from a loving and consistent upbringing. Clear rules translate to fewer conflicts and the avoidance of perilous situations. But make sure any training regime is positive and varied: stay calm and focus on one thing at a time. You should also give a bit of thought to some form of obedience training. In addition to being fun to do together, this will give you the opportunity to exchange experiences with other dog owners. If you are having difficulty coping with your dog’s behaviour, our behavioural therapist will be only too pleased to help. You can either call or make an appointment for a consultation.