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So you’re looking for a new companion, that’s great news! Fortunately, our four-legged friends are also looking forward to meeting you. Check out the dogs in our gallery and book your first date!

Five advantages of a DOA dog

If you adopt a DOA dog, you’ll be giving a homeless animal a good new home. Obviously, this is good news in itself, but for you as a new owner adopting a DOA dog also offers several other benefits:

* Professional and personal support in finding a dog that really suits you;

* The reassurance that all our dogs have been checked out by the vet;

* All our dogs have been assessed on their behaviour and, where necessary, this has been addressed through training;

* All our dogs have been vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and treated for fleas;

* Even after adopting one of our dogs you are welcome to visit us for bespoke care and support*

* In the case of what we call a “misfit” you can often count on lifelong support

How does adoption work?

Before you can adopt a dog, we go through a number of steps to see if you and the dog of your choice are a good match.

1: Make an appointment

Would you like to meet some of our dogs? No problem! Just make an appointment for a no-obligation introductory meeting, which usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Given that you are looking for a companion who will stay with you for many years, you’ll appreciate the care we take in our work, which is why such an introductory meeting is always by appointment only. It ensures that there will always be enough time to properly establish your requirements and give you the opportunity to meet the dogs that will be best suited to you.

If you still have doubts as to whether a dog is a good idea, or if you want advice on the breed that best suits you and your circumstances, then telephone advice can be a good option! 

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2: What are you looking for?

During the introductory meeting, we will establish exactly what kind of dog you are looking for. Would you prefer a bundle of energy, for example, or perhaps a placid animal? Do you want a puppy, or is your heart set on giving an elderly dog a few more pleasant years? And does the dog have to be small enough to fit in a basket or is it more a case of the bigger the better? A good match will ensure the dog is a good fit with your lifestyle. Will the dog have to get along with cats or small children, for example? Have you had a dog before, or will this one be your first? And how much time do you have to walk the dog and spend on his upbringing?

3: Meet your new companion

Once it’s been established what kind of dog you are looking for, we’ll introduce you to a few dogs that might suit you. Rather than you walking past all the kennels, which would cause too much unrest, you can select a few dogs that appeal to you beforehand and our handlers will bring them to you one-by-one. And if you feel a clear affinity, or click, with one of these dogs, you can go for a walk together to get to know one another a bit.

4: Follow-up meeting

If the first meeting goes well, we’ll usually schedule a follow-up meeting in which you can get better acquainted and prepare for the adoption. Don’t forget, you might even want some time to reconsider your decision. Then, together with the handler, you can discuss the finer details of the adoption procedure.

5: The adoption!

Having found your ideal companion, the next step is the adoption. This, of course, is the nicest part because that’s when you get to take your new best friend home! But bear in mind that this also represents a huge step for both you and the dog. Read our tips for a happy dog!

Tips for a happy dog
6: Aftercare

The care we offer doesn’t end with the adoption. If you have any questions or if there are any problems, you can contact our vet or behavioural therapist, free-of-charge, for up to three months after the adoption. Depending on the dog, this can even be longer. We always ensure the right support is available to underscore a good and sustainable relationship between you and your dog.

This is the way to make contented pets and happy owners!

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  1. Tips for a happy dog
  2. Tips for how to choose a dog

Lifelong support for misfits

Misfits are animals that come with “baggage” and they need extra care and attention. Consequently, they typically have to wait longer for a new owner, despite the fact that their need for a new home is that much greater. This is why at DOA we offer additional support, often lifelong, to owners who are willing to take on one of these misfits.

 Read more about the Misfits

And they lived happily ever after!

Every year, hundreds of DOA animals are adopted by loving owners. We love receiving feedback about how overjoyed people and animals are to have found one another. And, naturally, we are more than happy to share these heart-warming success stories with you!

Let's go to the Dutch success stories

Adopting fees

Different fees may apply for Misfits.


 Please, read our animal placement conditions.
Pup (< 6months) € 245,00
Dog (> 6months) € 165,00

Do you wanna help us?

Adoption is one way to help one of our dogs, but there are other ways!