Physiotherapy, for when your dog is out of sorts

Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Centre Amsterdam

We realise that your dog means everything to you, so what do you do if he develops a slight limp, or puts on a little too much weight, or needs to rehabilitate after an operation? Well, for us the answer to this is a no brainer: you make an appointment with one of our physiotherapists!

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What can you expect?

Lonneke Haan and Irene Feenstra know better than most how to help dogs get back on top of their game (and sometimes cats to).

Their practice, the Animal Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Centre, Amsterdam (DHCA) is housed within our premises and is open to clients six days a week. Irene, Lonneke and their team have many years’ experience in treating animals with physical disorders, chronic or otherwise.

Just a few consultations are often sufficient and as a pet owner you can also get started yourself with massaging or specific exercises. In addition to “regular” physiotherapeutic treatment,
you can also go to their centre for Hydrotherapy, dry-needling, physio-taping and chiropractic treatment.

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When does physiotherapy help?

  1. Joint disorders
  2. Osteoarthritis and ageing complaints
  3. Injuries to tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints
  4. Hernias
  5. Paralysis symptoms
  6. Rehabilitation after an operation or trauma
  7. Overweight and/or reduced stamina
  8. Reduced sporting performance 

Make an appointment

Armed with a referral from your vet or veterinary specialist, you can bring your pet to one of our physiotherapists. However, you can also get in touch with one of them even if you don’t have such a referral; they will always consult with your vet before treating the animal. Our physiotherapists can be reached by calling 020 7402225 or emailing


You can insure you pet for animal physiotherapy through an animal health insurance policy (on a supplemental package). Animal physiotherapists at DHCA comply with all requirements imposed by health insurers.

Intake + report € 70,50
Treatment (45 - 60 min) € 56,50
Treadmill training € 27,50
Advice consult (20 min) € 25,00
Sports inspection € 80,00

Did you know… that in addition to treating owners’ dogs, our physiotherapists regularly provide their expert services for shelter animals that are in pain?