Dog hotel

Oops, you have a problem: you need to go away for a while but you cannot take your dog with you. What can you do? What’s the solution? Perhaps the dog can stay with your neighbours, or your family, or maybe you could get a dog sitter to move in temporarily? Every solution has its pros and cons, but if you’re looking for the reliable, hassle-free option, DOA is the answer. Your dog will think so too.

No worries

A win-win situation: you’ll enjoy the freedom to go wherever you want, while your beloved pooch can enjoy new adventures with us. Our guests get to enjoy themselves on our playfields and they’ll quickly make new friends. Your buddy will be smothered with love and attention by our experienced handlers and our vet is available seven days a week. During his stay, your dog can be pampered in our grooming salon (name of grooming salon/link), so he’ll be at the top of his game when you pick him up again afterwards. 

 * Pay attention! By filling in the reservation form and confirming the link (blue word ''bevestigen'') in our automatic response mail, you will make a definitive booking subject to availability. 

** Unfortunately, our hotel for dogs is fully booked until the end of August.

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Together or solo?

In practice every dog lodges with a roommate. However, if that’s not desirable, a “single room” can also be arranged, for an additional charge. While staying with us your furry friend won’t need anything; we have all the necessary blankets, baskets and the like. Naturally, if your dog has a favourite toy, you can bring it along with you.

Bon Appétit

In principle, all our dogs tuck in to chunks of Prins petfoods every afternoon, our dogs also enjoy a regular pick-me-up treat, in the form of a tasty titbit concealed in a toy. But if the apple of your eye prefers something else, or has a special diet, well, of course, this will also be possible. Just make sure that you bring enough of the relevant feed with you for the duration of your pooch’s stay.

Extra medical care

If your dog requires simple medical care, in the form of pills or injections for example, this too will be no problem. However, if he needs more intensive care, please let us know beforehand so that we can discuss the possibilities.

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Important to know before you come

If you are leaving your dog with us, bring his own food and make sure he’s had the appropriate vaccinations. He must have been given the following vaccinations at least three weeks before his first stay:

  1. Distemper, parvo and hepatitis (administered at least three weeks before the first day of your dog’s stay with us, and no longer than three years before);
  2. Kennel cough (administered at least three weeks before the first day of your dog’s stay with us, and no longer than a year) 
  3. Weil disease (Para influenza)- (administered at least three weeks before the first day of your dog’s stay with us, and no longer than a year 

Please don’t forget to bring your dog’s vaccination certificate or pet passport. If the validity of a vaccination should elapse during your dog’s stay with us, we can, of course, give him a repeat vaccination. Your dog must also be microchipped. If this has not (yet) been done, DOA can do it for you.

If your dog hasn’t been properly vaccinated, or you are unable to provide proof of vaccination, we can only accept the animal if we have room in our quarantine department. A quarantine fee will then apply.

What does our dog hotel cost?


 It couldn’t be easier to make a reservation online. But do bear in mind that the holiday weeks are always very busy, so you’d be wise not to leave it too long before making a reservation for the days that you want your dog to stay with us. These fees apply per animal.

Dog <15 kg € 23
Dog >15 kg € 26
Quarantine € 46/52
Deposit stay <7 days € 100
Peak season supplement * € 2
Single room supplement € 5
Feed enrichment Free
Microchipping € 20
Vaccination € 40
Medication supplement € 2

*Highseason 2023: Jan 1-9 , Feb 24 - March 6 , April - May 8, July 7 - Sept 4, Oct 20. - Oct 30, Dec 22 - 31

Opening hours

As of March 1, 2020 we will switch to the "hotel system", that is, bring and pick up in separate half-days. This prevents unnecessary stress for the animals and has the additional advantage that the collection and delivery days no longer count in the costs, but that the number of nights will be calculated.

Hotel tour

We surely understand if you want to see where your beloved canine will spent his holidays. You can make an appointment by e-mailing 


The dog hotel is open from Monday to Saturday from 13:30 - 15:30.

Pick up

The dog hotel is open from Monday to Saturday from 10:30 - 12:30.



Do you also take HR dogs?

Indeed we do. Every dog is welcome!

Can my dog share the same cubicle with a companion?

Certainly. In fact, that’s our preference.

How often will my dog be taken outside

He’ll spend at least two hours a day on the playing field, and he can always use his outside kennel. Moreover, volunteers also walk the dogs, usually once a day.

What kinds of other dogs will my dog play with?

Your dog will only play with other dogs of about the same size and of a similar disposition. If your dog is unable to play with other dogs, he’ll get the playing field to himself. A volunteer or carer will then often be on hand to keep your dog company

Will my dog enjoy staying in the dog hotel?

The vast majority of dogs have a great time in our dog hotel.

My question is not listed here.

Perhaps your question is posed and answered on the generic pet hotel page.

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