Condition for the Day-care

  1.  Vaccination certificates must confirm that your dog has been vaccinated against:
    - distemper, parvo and kennel cough (valid for three years)
    - Weil’s disease and para-influenza (valid for one year)


  1. The vaccinations must have been administered at least three weeks before your dog’s first stay.


  1. The validity of vaccinations may not elapse during the stay. If we have enough capacity, a dog that has not been vaccinated, or not fully vaccinated, could be vaccinated by our vet. However, this will mean that the dog will have to be quarantined for the statutory seven-day period. This is hardly fun for the dog. What’s more it won’t bring much of a smile to your face either, because we will have to charge you for these days at twice the regular rate for day-care.


  1. If you are unable to pick up your dog on time - and we all know that this can sometimes happen - he can stay overnight for a fixed overnight surcharge of €15. You can pick him up the next day. The total cost will then be twice the day-care charge plus the overnight surcharge.


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