Pay attention! Our daycare is full. We do not work with a waiting list. As soon as we have places available again, we will mention this on this page.

Our day-care - for your carefree day off

Your dog is more than just a pet; he’s your companion, your best friend. And only the best is good enough for him. For this reason you’ll do well to choose our day-care if you need him to be looked after for a while. While he’s in our care your dog can play with other dogs, while you’ll enjoy peace of mind as you go to work or just have a day off.

We’ll take good care

You and your dog are welcome from 07.00 (please note: different opening times apply on Saturdays).


Opening hours are:

Monday - Friday bringing in from: 07:00 - 09:30 and collecting from: 16:30 - 19:00 

Saturday- 09:00- 17:30

Sunday- Closed


And, just like any self-respecting crèche, we’ll take good care of the apple of your eye until you pick him up again, which can be any time up to 19.00. In the meantime your pooch will be given food, attention and the freedom to enjoy himself. Our playfields are a veritable paradise where he can have the time of his life with new friends. On Saturday you can bring your dog from 9 o'clock in the morning and pick up until 6:30 in the evening.

If he’s choosy about friends, no problem, we’ll let him take his time until we find him a buddy he can get along with. And if he’s a loner or the strong silent type he’ll be looked after in a place of his own. If you have a small dog that starts shivering after just an hour outdoors, we have a solution for that too. Since recently we can accommodate our more sensitive canines in a homely atmosphere where they can recover from their outdoor adventures on a nice comfy couch.


Whizzing through the day

The perfect solution for you both

We’re guessing you’ll do anything for your dog. Which is why it’s important to you that he wants for nothing, that he has fun, that he’s well taken care of, and that you can leave him somewhere with a clear conscience. You could, of course, opt for a dog-walking service. But isn’t it much more reassuring to know that your dog will be enjoying good company all day? Drop your furry friend off with us, with his tail wagging, and rest assured that it’ll still be wagging when you return to pick him up. Also nice to know is that by using our day-care service, you and your dog will also be supporting dogs that don’t yet have owners!

Important to know before you come

If you are leaving your dog with us, make sure he’s had the appropriate vaccinations. He must have been given the following vaccinations at least three weeks before his first stay:

  1. Distemper, parvo and kennel cough (valid for three years)
  2. Weil’s disease and para-influenza (valid for one year)

 Furthermore, we are assuming that your dog has been microchipped. To register him correctly in our system, the first time you bring him we will, at the very least, need his passport/vaccination certificates. 



Let's meet and register

Unfortunately our Doggy Daycare is full. We do not take new dogs at the moment and do not have a waitinglist. 

Ad hoc days and subscriptions

Pay attention! Our daycare is full. We do not work with a waiting list. As soon as we have places available again, we will mention this on this page.

After officially registering your dog with us you can opt for a subscription or for ad hoc days. Subscription days must be reserved in advance, but if you need additional days you can simply add these on as ad hoc days, which do not need to be reserved.

How much does our day-care cost?

Should you unexpectedly need your dog to be taken care of for a day, it’s reassuring to know that this is possible and “sorted”. But did you know that our crèche costs no more than a dog-walking service? For a pleasant surprise, check out our rates. What is also nice to know is that by using our day-care service, you and your dog will also be supporting dogs that are still waiting for a nice home!  

 Please take a look at our condition for the Day-care


Subscription for 1 to 6 days a month* €18
Subscription for 7 or more days a month* €16
Ad hoc days without a subscription* €21
Overnight surcharge* €18,50

*per dog


How was my dog’s day today?

You can always ask the carer about your dog’s day, when you pick him up.

When can I expect the invoice?

The invoice is emailed to you at the end of every month.

Can my dog stay overnight at the day-care centre, between two reserved days?

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to pick up your dog, the animal may stay overnight in our day-care centre. We will, however, ask you to pay an overnight surcharge of €15. If the stay extends to several nights, it will be better to make a reservation at our dog hotel!

Take a look at our dog hotel
If I have a subscription for my dog can it be used for another dog?

No, a subscription is “personal”. Every dog must have its own subscription.

Can I carry a day over to the next month?

Unfortunately not. Days that have been reserved for one month but are not used cannot be carried over to the following month. We have no choice but to charge you for these days.

Can I switch a day? And why can’t I register at 07.00?

You can, of course, switch a reserved day for an unreserved day. You can make changes, free-of-charge until the first of the month. However, after the first of the month you will have to pay a surcharge in addition to the regular price. The surcharge will be equal to the difference between the subscription price and the price for an ad hoc day.

Registration is from 09.00, but you open at 07.00. Why can’t I register at 07.00? It’s extremely busy between 07.00 and 09.00. That’s when many dogs are brought to us, which means it would leave little time to get to know and register your dog. Furthermore, from 09.00 onwards the reception desk is manned, which means the administrative aspects can all be properly processed.

How can I specify on which days I want my dog to come to the day-care centre?

Around the 15th of the month you will receive an email from us in which you’ll be asked to enter the required days. Once you’ve responded you’ll receive a planning schedule, which you can change or cancel, free-of-charge, until the beginning of the new month. You can also reserve an extra day.







My dog is having a blood test done and, based on the results, will then be vaccinated if necessary. Is that acceptable?

Unfortunately not. All dogs must be vaccinated in accordance with the schedule on the website and as described in our conditions.

Does the vaccination have to be given by injection or can it also be intranasal?

Both are possible.

Will my dog be taken care of alongside high-risk dogs (such as Staffordshire terriers, for example)?

In our day-care centre we have a group with small dogs and a group with large dogs. Only dogs that are sociable with other dogs and are able to behave properly in a pack are accommodated in such a group. High-risk dogs are usually not cared for in a group. Instead they are cared for separately or housed with a companion. Incidentally, day-care dogs never come into contact with shelter dogs.