Behavioural therapy for dogs

You can contact DOA with all your questions and problems in the field of dog behavior. We provide advice, training and workshops.

Looking for a dog?

You know you’d like a dog but you don’t know what breed will suit you. What should you look for when buying a dog? Would you prefer a puppy, for example, or a rehomed animal? For the answers to these and more questions, read our tips or ask for a consultation.

Avoid problems

You don’t have to wait until your pet displays behavioural problems before getting in touch with our behavioural therapist. And this is certainly the case if you want to prepare your dog for a major change (such as the imminent arrival of a new baby, for example) or if you want to help him deal with frightening events (like fireworks). Our preventive advice will give you the knowledge you need to avoid potential problems.

Need rearing advice, or training?

The upbringing of your dog might raise specific questions that you’d like to ask an expert. Even if your four-legged friend has been properly reared, there might still be one or two aspects you’d like some help with. You can contact us for all your questions about rearing, big or small. We also offer private training if you cannot, or don’t want to, attend a dog-training school. The training programme is always put together in consultation with you.


Help with behavioural problems

If your dog displays behavioural problems, it can be very stressful for both you and your pet. Perhaps you face these problems on a daily basis and you have no idea what you can do about them? The best advice we can give is to call an expert! The sooner you tackle your dog’s behavioural problem, the greater the chance that it can be solved. Our behavioural therapist will be only too pleased to help and will give you practical, honest and feasible advice. Read more about how behavioural therapy works.



We offer a number of workshops that you and your dog can do together:

Workshop: doing and thinking games

Doing and thinking games are puzzles during which your dog learns to use his head. These puzzles are ideal for mentally stimulating your dog and keeping him occupied. It is a group workshop.

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Workshop: doing and thinking games (specials)

These puzzles are for dogs of a nervous disposition (fearful of people or of other dogs). This workshop is given to small group so that your dog will be given all the space he needs to watch what’s going on and enjoy the game.

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Workshop: doing and thinking games for dogs rehabilitating after an operation or an injury

If your dog has to convalesce for weeks on end after an operation, stimulating his brain can be a good way of keeping him occupied. Being physically incapacitated doesn’t mean he cannot think! During the course of two short workshops, you’ll learn, in a playful manner, how your pet can expend that pent-up energy, almost without moving! Naturally, to ensure the animal is not pushed too far, all the exercises are developed in consultation with a physiotherapist/specialist.

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All proceeds from our behavioural advice and therapy activities are reinvested in the training of the dogs in our shelter. Depending on the policy, most insurers will reimburse or partly reimburse the cost of behavioural therapy.

 Please, take a look at our conditions for behavioural therapy for dogs



Telephone consultation € 40,00
Behavioural therapy per hour € 70,00
Training per hour € 80,00
Workshops Variabel

Prices do not include travel expenses.

Behavioural therapist

Our behavioural therapist Majori Meijer is our cynological behavioural therapist. She can fall back on more than 10 years of fulltime experience with dog training and solving and improving problem behaviour in dogs. Having been trained at DogVision, Majori is now affiliated with the NVGH and accredited by Certipet.

On request, Majori can also provide bespoke presentations on location at your organisation, practice or dog-training school.