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Your dog is your friend – and you’ll do everything for him. But, truth be told, he doesn’t really need much because a busy dog is a happy dog. So just take him out for a walk or a brisk run, or do some training with him. It doesn’t get any better for a dog than doing fun things with his owner!

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Congratulations! You’ve decided to look for a long-term companion. But which dog will suit you best? And are some breeds more suitable than others? We’ll be more than happy to help you choose which dog is for you.

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Your dog really is your companion and you’ll do anything for him. It’s why you'll always look for the optimum solution if you need to be away for a day, if he has to be nursed back to health after an operation, if he’s in need of a good trim or if he just wants to chew on a juicy bone. Check out our offering here.


Every dog with an owner helps a dog without an owner.


We offer something for everyone, because every animal and every person is different.


We have been the best friend of animals in Amsterdam since 1901.

Did you know... that taking a dog home for the first time is like starting to cohabit with someone; you need time to get used to one another. For this reason you’d be wise to clear your diary for the first two weeks.

Goed om te weten...

Welk voer moet ik kiezen?

Wij zien vaak honden binnenkomen met allergieën. Dit komt in de meeste gevallen door het voedsel dat ze eten. Sommige honden kunnen bijvoorbeeld niet tegen varkensvlees. Daar krijgen ze puistjes van. Om erachter te komen waar jouw hond niet tegen kan, raden we aan een week lang 1 ingrediënt weg te laten. Doe dit elke week met een ander ingrediënt.

What if you're no longer there to care for your dog?

Nobody likes to think about dying, but it’s important to consider what will then happen to your pet. Would a family member or a friend be able to take your dog in, for example? If not, perhaps our “When you’re no longer there” arrangement might be a good option.

Within the framework of our “When you’re no longer there” arrangement the DOA will assume responsibility for your dog if you die. It will give you the peace of mind that your companion will be in good hands, which in itself is very reassuring. It’s easy to register for the arrangement; simply complete the form and return it to us.

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Lost & Found

Have you lost your dog?

Perhaps your dog has already been found and is now with us, waiting faithfully for you!

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Search tips for missing pets

These tips will help you find your missing companion as quickly as possible.

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