Cat-sitting service

Do you want the best possible care for your kitty when you cannot provide it yourself? Of course you do. And does your cat prefer to be at home while you’re away or on holiday? Fortunately, our cat-sitting service will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge that your feline friend will want for nothing while you’re gone.

Bespoke care

Our cat-sitting service comes to your home to care for your cat, for those times when you can’t do it yourself. Your cat will be given bespoke care, exactly like you want it. In addition to giving her food and drink, our carer will also provide the necessary TLC in your absence. Play, a cuddle, and some fresh air outside on the balcony: everything that it takes to keep your cat contented. Naturally, the carer also keeps a close watch on the health of your pet, so that when you return home it’s to a relaxed and happy puss.

Special care

If your cat needs special care you have every reason to engage a professional. Our cat-sitter service specialises in cats with medical and/or behavioural issues.

If necessary, we can administer medication, including subcutaneous injections (such as insulin or an infusion) and we can even care for the cat’s coat, teeth and nails too.

In addition to having extensive expertise about medical conditions, we also have experience with behavioural problems. For example, we know how to deal with different forms of aggression, anxiety or poor house-training.


If you are not yet a client of ours, we’ll kick off by making an appointment for an introductory meeting at your home. There’s no better way for us to get to know your cat in her own environment, and while we’re there we can discuss your wishes and requirements. This meeting also serves as an opportunity for you to give us your house keys and establish how they will be returned to you at the end of the cat-sitting period.

When caring for your cat we always take her needs into account. If she’s apprehensive of strangers, for example, we’ll always send the same carer so the cat will get to know and trust him or her. And if your cat should suddenly fall ill, after consulting you or your representative we’ll contact your vet and, if necessary, we’ll also take the cat to the vet.

How it works

A regular visit for up to four cats takes 30 minutes, rising to an hour for five cats or more. The cats are given food, clean water and their box is cleaned. Any “accidents” are tidied up and the carer will also give the cats all the attention they need.

If it’s necessary to give medication, or if the animal is aggressive or not house-trained, the visit will be extended by 10 minutes and a surcharge will apply.

Every day, we keep track of our activities and observations in a report, so that when you return you can read how it all went.

Our carers

 In addition to being crazy about cats, all our carers are also very knowledgeable about them. They have all enjoyed a generic animal-related training as an animal carer, para-veterinarian or biologist. Moreover, all our carers have followed a special cat-sitter course, paying attention to basic care, enrichment, medical problems and cat behaviour.


A regular visit for up to four cats takes 30 minutes, rising to an hour for five cats or more.

Other services

Introductory meeting                          free
Cleaning litter box/per box                     €6
Vacuum cleaning/per floor                    €10
Extra litter/feed/fetching medication        €8
Bringing/fetching keys                            €8
Additional consultation                           €8


Visit to the vet (excl. vet’s costs)*

Travel expenses, return                            €25
Transporting cat in travel basket (per cat)  €75
Present during consultation (at home)     €50

* Vet’s costs will be passed on to you

 See also our general and medical terms and conditions


Fees per cat-sitting:
Up to 4 cats €15,00
5 or more cats €20,00
Surcharge for giving medication € 3,00
Surcharge for an aggressive cat € 3,00
Surcharge for not house-trained € 3,00
Surcharge for Sundays and public holidays €1,50
Surcharge for outside A’dam ring road/North € 2,00
Outside A’dam per km, return €0,30

About our cat-sitting service

The cat-sitting service was founded in 2008 by Natascha Vlieland. We only offer this service for cats in the Amsterdam region.

For more information call: 020-4230947 or 06-19205021



The cat-sitting service is open seven days a week, with the exception of King’s Day.