Cat hotel

You’re in a quandary: you want to, or have to, go away for a while but you cannot take your cat with you. What to do? What’s the solution? Perhaps you could ask your neighbour to drop by every day, or maybe your family would be willing to put her up? Every solution has its pros and cons, but if you’re looking for the reliable, hassle-free option, DOA is the answer.


No worries

A win-win situation: you’ll enjoy the freedom to go wherever you want, while your cherished ball of fluff can enjoy new adventures with us. Our carers are patient and affectionate cat people and we have a vet on hand seven days a week. In principle, all our cats tuck in to chunks of Hill’s pet food twice a day. But if the apple of your eye prefers something else, or has a special diet, well, of course, this will also be possible. Just make sure that you bring enough of the relevant feed with you for the duration of your cat’s stay. Every afternoon, our cats also enjoy a regular pick-me-up treat, in the form of a tasty titbit.

 * Pay attention! By filling in the reservation form and confirming the link (blue word ''bevestigen'') in our automatic response mail, you will make a definitive booking subject to availability. 


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Shared kingdom

Our guests are kept in spacious areas in which they can mingle with other cats and play to their heart’s content, but there are also plenty of quiet places that they can retreat to. Every cat is allocated its own litter box, basket, scratch post, toys, food and drinks. When cats first arrive they always stay in their own cubicles for the first few days, to acclimatise. Then we open the door so that during the day they are free to go wherever they want. At night, most cats are kept in their cubicles, so we can keep an eye on their eating and litter box behaviour.


Extra medical care

If your cat requires simple medical care, such as taking a pill every day or being given droplets, for example, this too will be no problem. However, if she needs more intensive care, such as squeezing her urinary bladder or dressing a wound, please let us know beforehand so that we can discuss the possibilities.



It couldn’t be easier to make a reservation online. But do bear in mind that the holiday weeks are always very busy, so you’d be wise not to leave it too long before making a reservation for the days that you want your cat to stay with us. 

 Please, read the condition for the pet hotel
Cat € 11,50
Quarantine € 23
Peak season supplement* € 2
Deposit for short stay <7 days € 100
Vaccination € 40
Microchipping € 20
Medication supplement € 2

*Peak season in 2020: 14 feb-2 mar/24 apr-5 may/3 jul- 31 aug/ 9 Oct- 26 Oct/18 Dec- 31 Dec.

Important to know before you come

Don’t forget that your cat must be properly vaccinated if she is to be our guest. The following vaccinations are mandatory.

  1. Feline panleukopenia; this vaccination must have been administered at least three weeks before the first day of your cat’s stay with us, and no longer than three years before.


  1. Cat flu; this vaccination must have been administered at least three weeks before the first day of your cat’s stay with us, and no longer than a year before.


Please don’t forget to bring your cat’s vaccination certificate or pet passport. If the validity of a vaccination should elapse during your cat’s stay with us, we can, of course, give her a repeat vaccination. Your cat must also be microchipped. If this has not (yet) been done, DOA can do it for you.


My cat cannot be placed with other cats. Will she be given her own space?

Your cat will be given her own cubicle in the kennel where other cats are staying. It goes without saying that she’ll also have the run of the kennel. If she cannot tolerate other cats, we’ll make sure she’s given the run of the kennel while the other cats are kept in their cubicles, at night for example.

Can my two cats be housed in the same cubicle?

If they get on well together they certainly can. If not, they’ll be allocated separate cubicles.

Surely, aggressive cats are not allowed to run free?

Cats that fight with or tease other cats are only given the run of the kennel when other cats are secure in their cubicles, such as at night for example.

Can I leave my cat carrier with you?

Preferably not, because it can easily get mislaid. If you like, you can name-tag it and leave it here, but be aware that you do so at your own risk!

How long does my cat have to stay in a cubicle?

Your cat will be put in a cubicle for the first day. This will enable him to acclimatise to his new environment and we can make sure he’s eating, drinking, pooping and urinating properly. However, if your cat is familiar to us because he’s a regular visitor to our guesthouse, it will usually not be necessary. To ensure they get some peace and quiet, most cats are kept in their cubicles at night.

My cat never goes out. Surely this means he doesn’t need to be vaccinated or microchipped?

f an animal is housed with other animals, vaccinations are mandatory (and legally required). A microchip is also important so that we can keep animals apart. We prefer not to use collar straps.

Will my cat enjoy staying in the hotel?

Most cats have a great time in the hotel, although some of them need a few days to get used to it. Cats who are intolerant of other cats can become a little traumatised.

My question is not listed here.

Perhaps your question is posed and answered on the generic pet hotel page.

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