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Congratulations! You’ve decided to look for a long-term feline companion. But which cat will suit you best? Relax, we’ll be more than happy to help you choose the perfect companion. 

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Did you know...that after bringing her home for the first time it’s best to expand your cat’s new domain gradually, room by room?  

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Your cat means everything to you and you want to do all you can to make sure she’s contented. It’s why you'll always look for the optimum solution if you are going on holiday or are planning a weekend away. And did you know that we could help if she needs a trim or suddenly starts behaving strangely? Check out our offering here.


Eevery cat with an owner helps a cat without an owner.  


Wwe offer something for everyone, because every animal and every person is different.  


We have been the best friend of animals in Amsterdam since 1901. 

Have fun playing with your cat!

Did you know that three-quarters of Amsterdam’s indoor cats are bored? So much so sometimes that it can make them lethargic and even sick. A cat that isn’t allowed to hunt enough has to be stimulated through other means. Otherwise, that boredom will rise to the surface and result in a lot of mischief. If a cat has nothing to do she’ll make her own fun, like hanging from the curtains, for example!


A cat that gets to go out regularly will have few worries about a lack of stimulation. She’ll see, hear and smell plenty of new things. A cat that spends all day inside, on the other hand, will need other distractions. And you can help in this respect. Set aside a few minutes, twice a day, to play with your cat. Find out what she likes and change her toys on a regular basis. Conceal some catnip in the room and open a window to allow new smells in. Put some shelves up in the room so that your cat can climb across it, enjoying the view as she goes.

What if you're no longer there to care for your cat? 

Nobody likes to think about dying, but it’s important to consider what will then happen to your pet. Would a family member or a friend be able to take your cat in, for example? If not, perhaps our “cat & canine care card” arrangement might be a good option. 

Within the framework of our “cat & canine care card” arrangement, the DOA will assume responsibility for your cat if you die. This will give you the peace of mind that your feline companion will be in good hands, which in itself is very reassuring. It’s easy to register for the arrangement; simply complete the form and return it to us. 

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Perhaps your cat has already been found and is now with us, waiting faithfully for you!

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These tips will help you find your missing companion as quickly as possible.

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