Behavioural therapy

  1. Behavioural therapy for dogs
  2. Behavioural advice for rabbits

Behavioural therapy

Your pet might be your best friend, but sometimes it can be so difficult to understand his behaviour. Why does he suddenly act so strangely, for example, or forget his housetraining or is aggressive towards visitors and others?

Our behavioural experts

If you are asking yourself questions like these about your pet’s behaviour, it’s good to know that there’s someone who will really understand. Someone who will take the time to listen to you and focus on your pet. Our behavioural experts (for both dogs and rabbits) are at your service and can give you more insight into your pet’s behaviour. They can even help you change that behaviour if it’s deemed necessary. You can also consult them if you are having doubts about buying a pet or if you’re looking for preventative advice.

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