About DOA

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Who are we?

DOA is the largest and second-oldest animal shelter in the Netherlands. Every year anew, we take in some 2,000 dogs, cats and rabbits. The day-to-day operation of DOA lies in the hands of 35 permanent employees and over 230 volunteers. We are here for animals that have owners and for those that don’t. Animals that are completely alone can count on us to do all that we can to find them a new owner. In addition to being an animal shelter, we also offer day-care for dogs and a pet hotel for dogs, cats and rabbits, not to mention a grooming salon, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. You can also visit us if you’re looking for behavioural training for your pet, or a workshop. At DOA we pull out all the stops to inform, encourage and support you in your role as a pet owner. And do you know what’s also really cool? It’s not just you and your furry friend who benefit from what we do, so do all the animals under our care that are not yet lucky enough to have such a loving owner. Using the income generated by our guesthouse, day-care, workshops, etc., we fund the cost of caring for and training our “misfits”, thus taking them a huge step closer towards getting that all-important second chance. Now that’s what we call good business, with a huge heart for animals.


Foundation Statutory name: Stichting Dierenopvang Amsterdam
RSIN: 2562170
KVK: 40532070

BTW-number: 0025.62.170.B01

IBAN: NL49 INGB 0000252696 

Supervisory and management board 


The supervisory board of the Dierenopvang Amsterdam comprises:

Gijs Pelser – chair (interim), with a focus on fundraising and communication
Marthe Schönau - secretary, with a focus on legal affairs
Isabelle van Eijk - member, with a focus on animal welfare
François Claessens - member, with a focus on real estate
Gerard Hensels - member, with a focus on ICT and information management

Director: Hans Fokkens
Financial manager: Nel van Daatselaar